• Fully Preloaded (LOCK & ROLL™) micro incision technology
  • Proven Rayner Platform that performs again and again
  • Low refractive index of 1.46
  • Aberration Neutral for optimal quality vision
  • 360° Amon-Apple Square Edge Design that prevents epithelial cell migration including at the haptic-optic junction
  • Anti-Vaulting Haptic for superb centration
  • Vacoule and glistening free IOL (Rayacryl® material)

When creating RayOne®, we developed our MICS lens and unique patented Lock & Roll™ technology as part of the same design process; this combination has resulted in the smallest fully preloaded injector available (1.65 mm nozzle).

We have retained the material and design benefits of our original lenses, without compromising on proven stability or optical performance.

RayOne® Aspheric with the largest fully preloaded power range available. From -10.0 to 34.0 Dioptres.