RayOne® Trifocal

  • Significant Spectacle-free Outcome
  • Excellent Night Vision Outcome
  • Minimum light loss compared to other diffractive IOLs
  • Fully preloaded micro incision system that works consistently without compromise
  • Proven Rayner IOL Platform that performs again and again
  • The most advanced diffractive technology in the industry
  • Competitive price & fully preloaded


RayOne® Trifocal is the newest member of the RayOne® family of preloaded IOLs, based on the well-known high-performance Rayner platform that performs again and again.

RayOne® Trifocal has a new patented diffractive profile that has been designed in partnership with a leading European technology institute. Over the last four years, Rayner has developed the most advanced optic in their history and possibly the most advanced in the industry.


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